Food Storage Film

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In restaurant and food service industries, storage is always a need. Food storage film and storage bags are an important item to have on hand, so you can quickly cover and store food when needed. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has a number of these items available to you, giving you the convenience of grab-and-go storage when it is needed, and always at low wholesale prices.

When you make a food storage bags bulk order, you get a large number of plastic bags to make your restaurant kitchen more efficient. Buy bulk Ziplock bags for disposable storage, or choose reusable bulk food bags to keep your eco-friendly goals in mind. Consider storage bags, freezer bags, food storage film, and more in large one-gallon, quart, or sandwich bag sizes. In a commercial kitchen, food bags and films are a must-have, and we have the bulk supplies you need to ensure you are always stocked. With Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, keeping these important supplies on hand is much easier and more affordable.