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Social Distancing Floor Mats

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Social distancing is a proven safety strategy that can help your guests and your staff stay safe from the spread of contagious viruses. Establishing social distancing rules is the easy part. Reminding people to follow them can be trickier, especially if there are places where you don't have staff there to guide and direct people. A quick fix for this issue is to use floor signage as a means to instruct and direct people about following spacing rules. Better still, invest in social distancing signs as they appear on durable floor mats for best results.

Contemporary Designs That Pop

There is no sense in using social distancing signs that are difficult to see, which is why we offer customer distancing sign mats that grab your attention. These mats feature professional graphics that clearly get your intended message across, and they do it with text and graphics. Depending on your design preference, you can find mats featuring feet graphics and text with bright or dark backgrounds. These mats cannot be missed by those walking in their vicinity. You can even place several mats down at counters and stations as visual markers.

Less Permanent Than Stickers

The reason why Mayfair Hotel Supply offers social distancing mats and not floor decals is simple. We know that many hospitality establishments do not want to mess up a nice floor or walkway with permanent floor stickers. Mats are sturdy enough for daily use, and they can be easily moved or removed.

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