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Take-out and delivery orders from quests to the kitchen can come in briskly and when they do, you want to be prepared to serve up a meal and get it to the guest's door as quickly as possible. In addition to a great kitchen staff, you are going to need plenty of disposable dinnerware to keep those orders rolling out smoothly. Your friends at Mayfair Hotel Supply are ready to help you out with several dinnerware options for your meal service needs. Partner with us today to order bulk quantities of disposable dinner plates, bowls, carryout containers and plastic cutlery at wholesale prices.

Carryout Containers

With the increasing popularity of meals to go, it's always smart to maintain a robust supply of carryout containers. We offer a range of container styles and sizes to accommodate whatever the kitchen cooks up.

Classic Paper Dinnerware

Cut down on usage of dishwashing traditional plates with supplies of paper plate dinnerware. Choose plain or decorative styles in the sizes you desire. Pack sizes range from 100 to 1000 per carton.

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