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Disposable Food Trays

For fast-service restaurants, messing with reusable food trays is often not the best solution. Mayfair Hotel Supply offers disposable food trays that are easy and portable. When a customer is finished with their meal, these trays can be tossed into the trash or a recycling bin. The food trays in our collection work great for a variety of needs, from fast-food restaurants to restaurants located in or near amusement parks to those located in zoos. These durable food trays are also a good serving solution for food trucks and vendors at fairs and events.

Offer Easy Food Carrying Options

When your guests are eating on the go, regardless of the reason, they need the option to take their food with them. A paper food tray is the most convenient and cost-effective way to meet their needs. Because food trays are meant to be a one-time-use option, you want something that is sturdy but affordable. Wholesale pricing and bulk purchases make sense, as this purchasing strategy can help you save a bundle. Mayfair Hotel Supply can help you save money on disposable food trays with our bulk orders and competitive wholesale pricing.

Styles we offer include disposable containers with lids for larger meals on the go and the classic open food trays shaped like a boat. The open trays are typically used for serving items such as hot dogs, tacos and other tasty fast foods.

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