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Food and Beverage Carts

Providing a high-level of customer service in the hospitality industry means your establishment must have on hand the right kind of food and beverage carts. These carts are built with your needs in mind and they provide the space needed to store and transport the beverages and food items desired by most patrons.

First-Rate Construction

When it comes to quality cart construction, you can rely on Mayfair Hotel Supply to provide you with top-rate selections from the best specialty cart makers in the business. Years of experience comes into play when we select suppliers and you benefit from our diligent adherence to high standards of construction. We know each cart represents an important investment in your ability to provide excellent customer service, and these carts offer great efficiency and performance.

Best Beverage Carts

Instead of relying on a general cart, you can find a cart that is designed to exclusively serve coffee, tea and sodas for those who want a variety of options. This style of cart has ample room for packets of cream, sugar, sugar substitute and stirrers. For wine service, the task becomes simpler when you have a wine cart that holds a bevy of wine selections and wine glasses for guests.

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