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Paper Bags

Paper bags are making a comeback and that's good news for the environment. While bags made of paper have always been available, they are becoming a hot item again in these eco-friendly times thanks to being naturally biodegrade and easily recycled. In our collection, you can find a nice assortment of classic grocery style bags that can be used to hold a number of purchased items.

Mayfair Hotel Supply wholesale prices help you save as you do your best to follow company and governmental policies regarding grocery bag usage.

The Lunch Bag

Mayfair Hotel Supply offers small-sized paper bags for serving customers during the lunch time and dinner time rush. It's the familiar lunch bag made of durable kraft paper and featuring a folded crease at the bottom. The paper lunch bag is used and appreciated by anyone who enjoys toting a tasty sandwich, salad or container of soup to a room or outdoor eating spot.

The Large Grocery Bag

Our large-size grocery bag is a multipurpose bag that can hold quite a bit of grocery items. It's as useful in a hotel gift shop as it is in the kitchen or café serving hot meals to go.

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