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Rubbermaid Infinity Traditional Smoking Receptacle, 4.1 gal, 39" High, Antique Pewter

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Sleek and modern, this Infinity Traditional cigarette receptacle by Rubbermaid brings style and practicality to your outdoor smoking area. A slender pole formation gives way to a wider base, allowing for more disposal capacity over a period of time. Steel snuff plate construction helps keep hot ashes from erupting, making this a worry-free, fire-safe outdoor ashtray for smoking. Place it anywhere smokers are likely to congregate without bothering nonsmokers. Its 360-degree disposal area gives you lots of options for outdoor placement. A curved cap prevents receptacle users from leaving coffee cups, cans and other items behind.

  • Stainless-steel snuff plate minimizes smoldering.
  • 360-degree disposal area.
  • Guidance tabs on collars and bases allow for easy removal and reattachment of receptacles for cleaning.
  • Weighted bases and bolt-down options offer extra stability outdoors.
Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

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