• Disaster Relief Supplies

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    When your community faces a fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster, the survival of community members requires your relief organization to be prepared. Disaster relief supplies are a big investment, but they are something that is critical to survival during times of crisis. Having a resource you can use to buy disaster relief supplies at wholesale prices, that you can trust to deliver quickly and accurately, is critical. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply offers bulk emergency supplies that you can count on to arrive on time when you face a crisis. When most people think of disaster relief supplies, they think of medical supplies and food. While these are important, they are just part of what you will need during a time of crisis. You will also need bedding, hygiene items, and clothing. At Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply, you can shop wholesale for critical supplies like cots and blankets. We also stock hygiene products, critical items of clothing, baby supplies, and footwear. These are the types of disaster supplies that are easily overlooked in times of crisis, but remain critical to survival. We ship quickly so you can have the times your community needs in no time. Reach out today to discuss your bulk emergency supplies and wholesale disaster relief supplies with the caring team at Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
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  • Restaurant Supplies

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    Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply consistently provides restaurants with the supplies they need to deliver quality dining experiences to each and every guest. From small items, like cups, liners, and lids, to the larger items, like food service tables and food or beverage carts, these products are designed to be easy to use, simple to sanitize, and effective in a wide range of industries. We also stock the supplies you need for mobile food delivery and service, including ware washing products and food warming carts. Whether you serve people in a dining room or are a catering company taking your food products on the road, we have exactly what you need. As a wholesale restaurant supply company, we are able to provide these food supplies at a fraction of their normal cost, so you can focus more of your budget on exceeding your customers’ expectations. When you need restaurant supplies, look no further than Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
  • Bath

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    When you are looking for hotel shampoo suppliers, you want to find someone who offers a quality product at an affordable price. We stock the hotel toiletries and bathroom supplies you need to keep your guests comfortable. With high-quality bathroom guest supplies, soaps, and amenities, you can encourage repeat visitors and improve the overall comfort of your guests every time they check in. Our soap supplies and bathroom toiletries include everything you need for your guests’ toiletry needs. These top quality products will leave guests feeling clean and fresh, and with affordable pricing, you can easily replace them with every single room check. Yet soap and shampoo is just the start of what we offer for your hotel bathroom needs. Unlike other hotel bathroom accessories suppliers, we don’t just stop with the small soaps for guests and the shampoo bottles you need. We also stock hotel bathroom fixtures, hardware, bathrobes, towels, baskets, and other washroom décor.
  • Bedding

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    Your guests have the expectation of clean, fresh bedding when they visit your hotel, and Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply makes it easy to exceed those expectations. From portable cribs and roll-away beds to hotel bedding sets and wholesale linens, we have the products you need to give your guests a comfortable place to sleep. Among luxury hotel bedding suppliers offering wholesale hotel supplies, we are known for our variety and high-quality products. Our hotel and motel supplies include hotel bedding, decorative sheets, bedspreads, coverlets, bed bases and frames, box spring covers, blankets, pillows, and mattress protectors, all at unbeatable wholesale prices. When you’re in the market for wholesale hotel linen suppliers, look no further than Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply. Our bedding sets include commercial grade bedspreads and bedding comforter options, so your guests will feel a sense of luxury the minute they lay down on your hotel bedding. Impress your guests and protect your budget at the same time.
  • Furniture

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    Providing your guests with a comfortable place to sit is an important part of running a hotel or restaurant, and Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has your needs covered. We are among the top hotel furniture suppliers and wholesalers, offering luxury hotel furniture for sale at wholesale prices. Whether you are shopping for furnishings for a brand-new hotel or are looking to upgrade your existing hotel furniture, you can trust us to deliver the products you need at a price you can afford. Our catalog includes both indoor and outdoor hotel furniture for sale. We offer hotel lobby furniture like chairs bookcases and tables, or room furniture like headboards, tables, and dressers. We also have outdoor furnishings, including benches, chairs, planters, trash cans, smoking receptacles, outdoor tables, and all of the lids, liners and supplies you need for these. Create the seating environment with the professional look you want, both inside and outside, with help from Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping

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    Hotel housekeeping supplies and equipment can quickly eat up your budget, but with a wholesale supplier, you can stretch those housekeeping dollars a little farther. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply has everything on your housekeeping supplies list, so you can keep your cleaning staff well-stocked and your guests happy and content. Our hotel cleaning products include Sunburst laundry and food service chemicals, a well-known name in the hotel industry, as well as other cleaning chemicals and tools. We can also keep you well stocked in can liners and pet cleanup supplies. We even have registration cards and tip envelopes for your guests. When you need new vacuums, linen or cleaning carts, bellman’s carts, or fire safety products, we have what you want. We even stock batteries, replacement parts, and cleaning or maintenance accessories so you can always have a clean, functional hotel for your guests. The next time you are in need of hotel cleaning supplies, save money and time by shopping with Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply.
  • Hotel Room Supplies

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    It’s the last-minute details that make setting up a hotel room challenging. After the structure is in place, you need to add the finishing touches that make your guests comfortable. Mayfair Hotel & Restaurant Supply can help with hotel guest room supplies at wholesale prices.

    Whether you need to stock up on radio and alarm clocks, want attractive lamps and wall lights, need to add some room amenities like a coffee maker or iron, or want to stock up on mints to say “thank you” to your guests, our hotel guest bedroom supplies will fit the need well. 

    Our wholesale hotel supplies allow you to add the supplies and amenities your guests crave at a price that fits your budget. Our in-room accessories are designed for durability, so they will work well with multiple guest uses, as well as affordability. When you buy hotel room supplies in bulk, you save! Explore our current inventory of wholesale hotel supplies and room amenities now.