The Door Butler Door Stopper


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For a safer and more efficient workplace…

The Door Butler doorstop™ and The Bed Butler are the results of 25 years of working experience within the hospitality industry in progressive management positions. During this time, the need for a better doorstop became obvious, one whose placement or retrieval didn’t require our hotel employees to bend over at every use and one that didn’t cause so much damage to the doors and floors themselves.

The Door Butler is a lightweight, ergonomically designed doorstop that lowers the risk for bending and lifting injuries. It requires no bending to place or retrieve this doorstop, removing the risk of being pinched by a heavy hotel room door. Keep your hotel housekeeping and maintenance teams safe and protect your doors and floors with this useful doorstop.

  • Safer work environment
  • Easy wrap-and-drop application
  • Reduced damage to floors or doors
  • Cleaner appearance than standard doorstops


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