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What is Crypton?
* Crypton is NOT TOPICAL
* Unlike topical stain resistant products which wash out, Crypton’s 21 year patented technology is engineered right into the fabric, PERMANENTLY encapsulated into each fiber of the fabric.
* PERMANENT resistance for the life of the product against stains and the spread of odor causing bacteria.
* PREVENTS growth of odor causing bacteria.
Why use Crypton?
* Spill, spatter, douse at all… Tested and true for years, it’s like no other fabric.
* Easy to spot clean with water for accidents or machine wash cold or warm water with simple detergent. No chemicals needed.
* Crypton will protect your product and your investment.
* Fabric is beautiful and retains its original performance and appearance.
* Plaza – Linen weave
* 75% Polyester 25% Cotton
* One side for kitchen – reverse for meet & greet
* Self piping
* One size 31″ long

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in



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