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VitaCup Vitamin Infused Green Tea Pods 256/Case

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This is a very special Green tea with a deliciously smooth flavor! These are single serve tea pods. The product Includes Matcha, Moringa and vitamins to add a little magic to your morning  Each recyclable pod, packed with select green tea, is a gift from nature to your cup.

VitaCup Green Tea contains Matcha, Moringa, Antioxidants and our signature vitamin blend of B1, B5, B6, B9, B12 and D3.


VitaCup Green Tea single serving?tea pods have a smooth flavor thanks to the matcha.  Matcha is high grade green tea powder that adds a sweet but fresh flavor profile to the green tea. Matcha powder provides more punch than your regular serving of tea. It is a ground leaf and it retains more of Green Tea's beneficial compounds called catechins, an important type of antioxidant.  A study by the University of Geneva in Dec 1999 found that Green Tea had displayed "thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se."


VitaCup Green Tea includes Moringa Oleifera which has?many of its own vitamins and nutrients. Moringa includes compounds that are thought to be beneficial for health and well being.


On top of these gourmet super-foods of Matcha and Moringa, VitaCup puts their signature vitamin blend in every single-serving Green Tea capsule. You get B1 (thiamine), B5 , B6, B9 (Folic Acid), B12 , and D3.

Tea has many health benefits. VitaCup Green Tea has so many more!

VitaCup believes in a healthy planet and a healthy you. VitaCup uses BPA-free, fully recyclable?single serve?tea pods that can be collected in regular recycling bins. The tea is?gluten and dairy free.

No bad vibes. Just a great, energized zen.

VitaCup: A?Vitamin Infused Brew for You


There is a 6 case min on this item. If you wish to mix and match cases please give us a call.

Price per case $44.16

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